​Hope for Reading is a unique business in
​Hillsborough, NC, in the United States, that is
dedicated to the consulting, screening, ​tutoring, and encouragement
​of individuals with learning differences that negatively affect ​reading,
​in order that they may overcome ​​those differences and learn to read well.
Hope for Reading was founded by a caring mom who "figured it out," got
training, and became a professional in the field of reading. Her skills
are entirely different from what most schools offer.​​​ ​Please explore
​​this​ site ​to see if ​Hope for Reading ​might meet your needs.​

Hope for Reading!
Serving Ages 5 - 105
ALL Teachers and Parents,
​Please watch these short inspiring and informative videos.(3-10 min each)

For Dyslexia: Click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

For Irlen Syndrome*:
Click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.


What are OTHER teachers doing to support dyslexics in the classroom?  Need some inspiration?  Do you LOVE kids? Don't give up! ...fight for your students!!  Short video...
Turn up the volume and ​Click HERE.
​(Parents... send this video to your child's teachers!)
Elementary School Teachers & Principals:

Click HERE and click HERE.
(3 minutes and 10 minutes)​
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***Irlen Syndrome is also known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, Visual Stress, Mears-Irlen Syndrome, or Visual Dyslexia.
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