The Fun Stuff!

​It is my goal at Hope for Reading
​to be not only a source of information and resources​ for my clients with Dyslexia & their families, but also encouragement!
​​  Therefore, ​we need ​to have a little fun!

The Treasure Chest...
(pictured in background)​
is one way that I try to spur on
​my non-adult students
to keep striving for reading
​during the hard "brain work"
of being tutored week after week.
​The treasure chest IS
an actual old camelback wood
​and steel-banded chest
that is filled with prizes
​for my students. It is sitting
​prominently in my office ​right now.
​When a student completes a level of Barton curriculum, he or she gets to choose a prize from the treasure chest.​​​​​​​
​It is theirs to keep at no extra cost.​
BUT, no peeking!​​

Movie Nights/Support Group/Lectures

For​​ those who are a part of the
​Hope for Reading family,
it is an option to borrow great informational movies about
​dyslexia​​​ or movies starring 
dyslexic actors.​ 

For those who want to seek out
​ other families in Hope for Reading
​for support, I am available to help
​organize support groups or give informational ​lectures about dyslexia.

These activities are optional​​
​and ​subject to the need and interests
​of my clients - and my availability!