Phonetic Baby Name Consulting
The naming of your baby is in YOUR hands.
I can make sure that
you spell your
child's name
but phonetically
according to
​​American English.
 For example, did you realize that the letter c, when followed by
​an e, i, or y,
usually ​makes
​the s sound?!
This is one of MANY
spelling rules
that most people
are not aware of.​​​​
Most people are not
taught the intensive
phonetic rules
in kindergarten
that they need to read,
but read by memorizing
how a word looks OR
by intuitively using the
correct rules, while
 not really being
​conscious of them.​​​​​​​​​​​​
This is a delightful,
​but unexpected service that I am offering.
​I first realized that I
​could really
help in this area​​
because of a casual
correction that I
offered to an 
expecting mother...
that subsequently corrected the
spelling of the
​baby's name.
AND, I was encouraged
​by one of ​​my
students to add this service to my website!
As a tutor of dyslexics,
I routinely and
​explicitly teach
all the various phonetic
structures and mostly unknown spelling rules,
​with ​​​all their
exceptions, while
noting the ​rarities,
so that my students can learn to read.​
Just as with my tutoring,
​I charge $60 per hour
​with a one hour minimum. Payment is expected at
​time of service.
​Here's an example of how
I could help you
uniquely ​spell,
Shaughn, Shaun,
Shon, Shonne,
Shaune, Shawne​
Shaunne, and Shawnne​.​​​

Here's an example of how
I could help you
uniquely spell, 
AnaLeigh,​ Annalie, ​
AnnaLey, Annaley, Analey,
Anna-Ley, Ana-Ley​
AnnaLee​​, AnaLee,
Anna-Lee, Ana-Lee,​
Anna-​​Lea, and Ana-Lea.

Contact me today to
set up an appointment for help with ​spelling YOUR baby's name​!​​​
​​ ​