As an auto mechanic is a highly technical specialist with the knowledge to fix a car while adapting to each make and model, I, too, am a specialist with the knowledge to "fix" reading while adapting to each unique student​​.
Comparatively, I charge
​hourly for my services
​at the rate of $60/hr.​

​This is a competitive rate
for this area.

I do NOT do group tutoring,
as I feel it goes too slowly to be worth the client's money. I ​​only do one to one tut​​oring, which is the most effective type​.

​Most remedial, one-to-one
tutoring is $65-$95 per hour
​in the Raleigh, Durham,
and ​Chapel-Hill area.​​​​​​

I openly publish my rate, as a service to potential clients.​

Two hours a week of tutoring is the minimum required for ongoing tutoring in order for good progress to be made, and the cost approximately ​equals
​getting a large lawn professionally ​mown ​& edged each week.

For that same price, please consider remedial reading tutoring as an investment that can change a person's entire future!

If you do not think you can afford these services, please consider asking friends or family to "sponsor" all or part of the hourly fee for you​​ or your loved one.​​

Hope for Reading does not accept credit cards,
​only cash & checks please.

Payment is expected in advance at the time of service.​

​ I support my family with this specialized screening,
​ tutoring & consulting and...

​ "your prompt payment
​is our bread & butter.​​"

After screening and qualifying for tutoring...

A signed agreement of general courtesies and understandings is required, but a binding contract for an overall duration of ​tutoring is
NOT required.​​

Payment for tutoring is made in advance, on a monthly ba​​sis, and may be terminated with 30 days notice or at any time with no refund for paid up sessions.

Students normally complete all 10 levels of remediation between 2.5 to 4 years when going 2x/wk, depending upon the student. 3x/wk slots are sometimes available or used just during the
​summer months.

Tutoring continues right through the summers, taking the least amount of time off for vacations as possible.​​

On a weekly basis, students need to come prepared ​for their tutoring. ​​

Students should come well fed, hydrated, having previously used the restroom, dressed comfortably, happy, calm, and ready to learn. ​​​​​​​

Then, as the tutor, I will always make sure that your student is comfortable in the tutoring studio and ​
​can learn effectively.

​I can alter temperature, ​lighting
and more.

Overall, after screening and before beginning tutoring, I strongly recommend that parents educate themselves about dyslexia and then
​ tell their child that he/she
​ is dyslexic and why
​he/she needs tutoring.​

Dyslexics need to understand that they have a unique learning style that IS NOT a reflection​ of lower intelligence. This is important for self-esteem, giving themselves grace, and accommodating their own learning style - not only for now, but in the future... as adults.
(This is super important.​)