Clues to Irlen Syndrome,
​otherwise known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome​, ​Visual Stress, Mears-Irlen Syndrome or Visual Dyslexia:
Irlen Syndrome Videos!
 ​Click here(2 min),Here(3 min),
​ Here​​​ ​(18 min),Here(4 min),Here(8 min),Here(3 min) andHere(3 min)!
Quick Test: In bright DAYLIGHT lighting, if the letters and words on a page of BLACK PRINT on WHITE PAPER move, blink, blur, lift up, swirl or otherwise move or change, OR, if the white is popping forward or colors or flashes are seen, you may have Irlen Syndrome.

NOTE:  ​​
Symptoms range from mild to severe. 

​If the symptoms above or to the right are present, please...

​​Get screened to get help!

Screening is $120 and takes approximately​ one hour. It will determine whether or not you have Irlen Syndrome, its severity, & your precise overlay color or colors. It includes a full con-sultation, a customized 
packet of handouts with a wealth of helpful information, and a letter of diagnosis with recommendations. It is commonly a life-changing appointment.

Irlen Syndrome is often accompanied by Dyslexia.​​​
This page muted intentionally for those affected by Irlen Syndrome.
Think you don't have Irlen Syndrome, but have considerable eye strain?​