Do you have… Eye Strain?
So many of my clients & others do! 

With the increased use of backlit screens such as television, internet capable phones, and  computers... in leisure, work and academic settings, eye strain has become very common among the general population. Fluorescent, "daylight" tinted, and LED bulbs also contribute to very serious eyestrain.

This is because of the presence of BLUE LIGHT.

The blue part of the light spectrum particularly strains ​the maculae of the eyes.
Furthermore, backlighting,​ in particular, which shines 
directly into the user's eyes, is much harder on the eyes than looking at reflective  lighting that is naturally shining on ​objects in the environment.​​ Therefore, eye strain from cell phone, computer and television usage is rising.

I have found some wonderful, clear information and many helps for this modern-day problem​​. Personally, I have many friends and family who are benefitting from the following:

First, please check out these three great RESEARCH CITED sites that EXPLAIN blue light and its dangers.
Please click on the links below to go directly to the sites.​​​​

​​ LED Lighting​​

Then, ​if you think that blue light is the problem, go to and search for "computer glasses" (or clip-ons) that "block blue light" and buy a pair that is rated at 4.5 to 5 stars by at least 100 people. (The more significant the orange tint, the stronger protection.) A normal price range for blue light blocking glasses is from $10-$50.  If these give you significant relief, then invest in more tools
to block blue light.

Finally, avoid LED, fluorescent and "daylight" bulbs; they have very high amounts of the blue spectrum in their light​. Buy the regular incandescent bulbs in "soft white." (They should have a 2700K or 2800K color rating, if noted.) They contain high amounts of the red and orange light spectrums which are easiest on the eyes, thus the healthiest & most relaxing, like a sunset is!
LED lighting, albeit energy efficient, is a digital light form with no red spectrum light which is actually blinking imperceptibly fast and is exhausting to the eyes.​

​The following site is great for information on how blue light affects sleep​​ and for some serious practical tools for filtering out or preventing the harmful blue light that shines from backlit screens and other sources...​​

If you have eye strain with VISUAL DISTORTIONS or PAIN, IT MAY BE IRLEN SYNDROME.Scroll back up to the menu at the top of this page and go to "Clues to Irlen Syndrome" ​for more information.

​​As a side note, ​it is important to know​​​ that many dyslexics have a general light sensitivity that is NOT Irlen Syndrome, but is quite noticeable. You'll often see a dyslexic person reading or working in darker conditions than what you would expect, and if you try to turn on additional lighting for them, they will refuse it or turn it back off!
That's OK, and it is NOT bad for the eyes ~
it's a common myth that reading in dim light is bad for the eyes; it's simply not true.​​

Dyslexics, those with Irlen Syndrome, and those whose work involves backlit screens are the clients whom most often contact me with eye strain. 
And, so far, I am getting great feedback from clients using the above recommended advice and products. According to the research listed above, these products may be protecting your vision from macular degeneration as well.​

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Disclaimer: This advice is not intended as medical advice, please consult your doctor before using any product recommended on this site or the recommended ones above.​​

I have not been paid to endorse the above sites or their products.​​