The FlashMaster (great for dyslexics)
- is a handheld device used to drill math fact tables(addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Dyslexics are notorious for not being able to memorize their math facts, which makes math calculations slow and/or incorrect. This device is more effective than flashcards for dyslexics because it is multi-sensory, not merely visual.​ It beeps a certain pleasant sound for a correct answer and an unpleasant sound(!) for a wrong answer(auditory). You see(visual) the math problem and the answer... and, you push the keys to type your answer(kinesthetic). I began using this when my two dyslexic sons were having problems with learning their math facts while home-schooling them. It was awesome. They thought it was super cool, which helped. It really worked. AND, it saves time for the you, the parent, because you do not have to be working directly with your child. I personally and highly recommend this product from firsthand experience, as I do every item on this page. FlashMaster has an app too, but I only recommend the hand held version. There are actually MANY other reasons that I like this product - too many to list here!      
​- Teresa, Hope for Reading
Click Herefor the FlashMaster on the NBC news... video on YouTube.
These are the gadgets that I highly recommend that can make life sooooo much easier when you have Dyslexia or Irlen Syndrome. Do NOT underestimate their value in helping you or your child - preserving your peace and sanity.  :)  Most are real time savers or somehow make life so much easier.