​​​As far as running the business... 

​​Foremost, excellence in the highest level of tutoring -
multi-sensory, one-to-one, remedial.

​Secondly, treating others the way I'd like to be treated -
​with honesty, respect & kindness. 

​Thirdly, going out of my way to educate and encourage
​my clients and their 
loved ones.

​Fourthly, keeping a clean, cozy office that my clients & I enjoy coming to!

​​As far as the tutoring itself...

The Orton-Gillingham method, developed by Dr. Samuel Orton & Dr. Anna Gillingham in the 1930s, is the only known & proven method of teaching those with Dyslexia how to read. Samuel Orton
​was a physician who pioneered the study of learning disabilities.
​Anna Gillingham was a psychologist and educator who organized and formalized
​Orton's methods. There are several Orton-Gillingham methods that can teach
​dyslexics ​how to read. I use the Barton Reading and Spelling System, by Susan Barton.

​​The Barton Reading and Spelling System is highly acclaimed. I believe it is the "cream of the crop." Susan Barton developed her own system, based on Orton-Gillingham principles, after becoming certified and proficient in many. I have been using her system successfully for years now,
​first with my own children. It is explicit(extremely clear), ​multi-sensory,
​sequential, and cumulative. ​It is amazing. 

As far as the screening to detect Dyslexia...

I was trained by Susan Barton​​​​. The screening I do is according to that training. It is very thorough and accurate. I trained right alongside Special Ed teachers, School Psychologists, Reading Resource Teachers, and other professionals concerned with ​​literacy. The training was absolutely top notch and the atmosphere was fantastic, ​because everyone seemed to be passionate about the great need ​to help the dyslexic community.​​  I take my time screening and analyzing the results,
​because each client is unique and needs specific help.

As far as the screening for Irlen Syndrome...

I was trained by Fred & Susan Youngman of the Greensboro/Winston-Salem area. Fred is a certified Irlen Diagnostician and retired long-time public school teacher. ​His wife, Susan, ​​is a school psychologist and also a certified Irlen Diagnostician.  The Youngmans are passionate and thorough about their training of screeners and I feel so privileged to ​​have been trained by them. I am fortunate that they are nearby, so that I can refer clients to them with Irlen Syndrome.  ​I always prescreen clients to see if they may have Irlen Syndrome, ​as it is often mistaken for Dyslexia.

References by previous & current clients available upon request.

My Philosophy and Training: