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References by previous & current clients​
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The screening for dyslexia...
​is a series of several oral and written exercises, some of which are standardized & normed, that enable the screener to determine if a client has dyslexia or not, how severe it is, what his or her various strengths and weaknesses are within the diagnosis, what remedial help is needed, and finally, what accommodations are needed
​ in school and elsewhere.
The full, written report for a dyslexia diagnosis...
is a 12 to 15 page concisely written and typed document that 
summarizes the
client's educational history, analyzes the results of the screening, and ​makes specific recommendations for remedial help & accommodations based on the findings, as they pertain to a diagnosis of dyslexia. The report also includes around 10 pages of raw testing result attachments, with commentary, for a total of up to around 25 pages.
Can't possibly afford this tutoring?

There is free tutoring for Dyslexics in NC by the Augustine Literacy Project for low income families who financially qualify.​​

CLICK HERE for the website homepage.
CLICK HERE & go to bottom of page for locations around the state.​​

​​Their phone # is 919-408-0798​​.

The tutoring for dyslexics is an Orton-Gillingham method, the highly respected 
Barton Reading and Spelling System, done one-to-one.
Individualized interaction is needed to progress the client as fast as possible. (I do not do group tutoring.) I am doing remedial tutoring to catch the client up in reading; it is serious business. ​It is highly specialized using multiple senses at the same time. Progress is incredible to watch. Slowly, reading becomes natural. Confidence is gained.
​By the time I see clients, they typically need 36 months or
​more of tutoring in order
 to catch up.
​If clients continue to read as a lifelong skill, reading becomes even faster after leaving HFR
​and the results ​are permanent. 

​​My clients become readers and can lead normal lives.
Over the Phone Initial Contact  -
15 min, FREE​

​​Prescreening Interview -
​45-60 min total, $60 
This is an in-person or over-the-phone in depth interview/conversation with the parent of a child or an adult themself about the symptoms and circumstances of what's going on... to determine whether or not I recommend further testing/screening with me or someone else. (Over-the phone prescreenings must be paid for in advance.)

Irlen Screening, Consultation, & Diagnosis Letter -
​3 hrs total, $180
2 hrs of in-person screening & consulting and 1 hour of writing the diagnosis letter and sending it with attachments. Clients walk out the door with a large information folder of printouts about Irlen Syndrome and one set of clear but colored overlays. The diagnosis letter is emailed later as a pdf file. A diagnosis summary is also sent to the closest Irlen Diagnostician in case glasses are recommended.

Dyslexia Screening, Analysis, Consultation & Diagnosis Letter -
approximately 8 hrs total, $600
Dyslexia Screening, Analysis, Consultation, Diagnosis Letter with full Written Report -
approximately ​16 hrs total, $1,200

Remedial Tutoring for Dyslexia -
Ongoing, consistent, one-to-one, 2x/wk minimum (for effectiveness) tutoring costs $60/hr. Clients are encouraged to seek out one-to-one, Orton-Gillingham type tutoring, the ONLY effective type for dyslexics, from any tutor or learning center that they so choose, with no obligation to ​Hope for Reading after the initial diagnosis. 

Separate Consultations -
Consultations are available ​for those who could not make the initial post screening consultation and are prorated to the minute at $60/hr payable at the time of service.

Additional Statement Letters -
Letters for clients that are needed for various reasons are billed at $60/hr.​​​

***Clients must be at least 5 1/2 yrs old, half way through Kindergarten, and have had an eye exam, with up to date corrections, within one year in order to be screened for
​Dyslexia or Irlen Syndrome. 
References by previous & current clients available upon request!
I do publish my rates openly as a service to potential clients!