That's me on the right in a recent photograph taken in my office with a student! 

My name is Teresa Anderson and I am the owner, screener, and tutor of Hope for Reading. 

I have many qualifications that I hope you will consider:​​

I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in English Education.
    (I love languages and took several in high school and college.)​
I am a Licensed NC Teacher.
I am a Certified Irlen Screener (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome) from Irlen Institute.
I am an Orton-Gillingham Trained Tutor, having been instructed by Susan Barton. 
I am a Dyslexia Screener as well​​, having been trained by Susan Barton again.
    (Susan Barton is one of the foremost experts on teaching dyslexics to read in the US and is
     ​ based out of San Jose, California.)​
I home schooled my four children and one other child for 17 years in NC in all subjects and have been diagnosing and tutoring many children with dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome since my business opened in 2014. I have 20+ years of cumulative teaching experience.

​This business was a dream of mine for years before I opened it... originating from my own story involving my two children with dyslexia and my​ desire to help others.

​Here's my story!

My two youngest (dyslexic) sons learned to read under my tutoring...  Their reading problems were a mystery to me for a long time. One son was barely reading at age nine and a half and the other one was failing kindergarten for the 2nd time when I finally figured out that they both have dyslexia. I put off being concerned for a long time because of well-intended, but misguided advice that said some kids are just "late bloomers" or "late readers." I made the discovery the hard way, by scanning special needs blogs for clues. Every time dyslexia came up, it sounded just like my sons! At that point, I confirmed it with formal testing. I wish that I had had someone to point me in the right direction ALOT EARLIER with my sons. But, I hope to be that person for others now ...to give HOPE for reading! I immediately pursued training to be my sons' tutor and the results were amazing. I felt like I had discovered gold!  It became a dream of mine shortly thereafter to open a business at some point and help other children with what I found that WORKED. I later became certified as a screener for Irlen Syndrome, too, because of it's overlapping symptoms with dyslexia.

I have truly ENJOYED my training in this field and the tutoring of 2 of my 4 sons, because of their dyslexia.​​​ They read fluently now, and I hope that I can help you or your loved one, too.​​​

In the years leading up to the opening of my business, I have informally identified dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome in numerous individuals and tutored dyslexic children for free, while continuing to pursue my education in this field, in anticipation of opening the business.

And so,

​​I LOVE doing this... yes, I do!  ...screening the individual to "figure them out," as far as reading goes, and the tedious, responsive tutoring and crucial encouragement that steadily gives a person the ability to read. I consider it a slow kind of healing work. I am a 
people person, compassionate, and detail-oriented by nature, and my work is VERY rewarding to me. I am a happy tutor.

​​I love people. I will enjoy getting to know you and/or your child!


Because, I care about this field so much, I keep up to date in it, and you, as a client, will benefit from the news and education that I will steer your way. ​

Please do consider my services.​​


About the Screener / Tutor...