The Client-Student Profile:
Because I am a specialist, I am only able to help specific groups of people...

I AM able to help most individuals​ who have Irlen Syndrome, otherwise known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, regardless of age or ability. However, there are very rare and very severe cases that cannot be helped.

Regarding individuals with suspected Dyslexia, I CAN screen ​and tutor those who...

- ​​are at least 5.5 years old and half way through kindergarten.  No upper age limit!

- have an IQ within a certain range.

- have no "language Impairment" or "Developmental Delay"​

- are not Autistic or "Educationally           Mentally Handicapped."

- do not have seizures.

- do not have brain injury due to Fetal                  Alcohol Syndrome or drug damage.  
- are able to be cooperative with me.

I reserve the right to refuse or discontinue service to any client whom I feel that I can not serve with success. It is only a waste of the client's money and my time, as well as needless damage to my reputation, if I can not screen or tutor him or her successfully.

My heart goes out to those with problems too complicated for my expertise. I encourage clients in that situation to make sure that they have the results from a current hearing and vision exam in hand, and then to seek advice from a Pediatric Neuropsychologist and to NOT GIVE UP!​​  

However, for those whom I am able to help, the help will be as swift, thorough and wonderful as I can possibly make it!​​​

​​It is my goal to be successful with every client that I screen and tutor.